What features does my server need to get the most out of SaltOS

Minimum technical requirements

To take advantage of all the features offered by SaltOS, the system hosting the software must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Web server: Apache, Cherokke  or Nginx.
  • Server language: PHP  5.2 or higher.
    • Support for GD2 from PHP: Explain what it is used for
    • Support for processed XSLT: Explain what it is used for
    • Support for Multy-byte: Explain what it is used for
  • Data server:
    • Support for MariaDB  (The new MySQL really free) with 3 drivers through: PDO class, mysqli_ * functions and old mysql_ * functions
    • Support for SQLite3  With 2 drivers through: Class and Class PDO SQLite3)
    • Support for MySql  With 3 drivers using: Class PDO, the mysqli_ functions * and the former mysql_ functions *)

Additional Features

In addition there are additional features such as the Viewer-PDF, Voice Message Reading or the translator, these features require the use of executables available in other packages, then we relate them:

  • unoconv: to convert documents from multiple formats to PDF using OpenOffice 3.0 or higher for the display of PDF's online.
  • pdftotext: to convert PDF documents into plain text to be indexed in the database
  • text2wave: to convert plain text into audio for voice notification system
  • lame: to convert wav to mp3 to reduce the bandwidth used
  • apertium: to perform translations between pairs of languages
  • aspell: for text corrections
  • which: to locate binaries to run

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