One year of free hosting for the SaltOS project by dinahosting

Dinahosting has confirmed that continue the sponsorship for another year to the SaltOS project, giving a free professional linux hosting for the website. As always to all those who collaborate with the SaltOS project: Thank you.

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IBM, owner of RedHat, has set a date to the death of CentOS

On December 19, 2020, RedHat announced that CentOS Linux 8.0 would disappear in mid-2021, becoming CentOS Stream, an intermediate between RedHat and Fedora, not a free copy of RedHat that is what made CentOS competitive.

This news is not news, in fact when IBM bought RedHat at the end of 2018, many already announced the end of CentOS, and as always happens with multinationals, it was a matter of time before they took out the knife and nailed it for back to CentOS.

Something similar happened with MySQL, which was acquired by Sun, owner of Oracle. When the developers saw the intentions of the multinational, they jumped off the boat to get on a new boat called MariaDB, because now it seems that something similar will happen with CentOS and it will be called Rocky Linux.

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