Main server software

GNU/Linux operating system Thanks to the GNU/Linux to provide a complete replacement of a free UNIX system.
Fedora Project Thanks to the Fedora project, we have computers with the necessary software to develop and test the SaltOS and RhinOS applications.
Apache Web Server SaltOS, is an online application that requires a web server to process browser requests and in each case, it executes the needed PHP or return the requested files.
PHP programming language SaltOS is written using various programming languages ​​and perhaps the most outstanding by the amount of code is PHP. This language is the type interpreted and executed from the server.
MySQL Data Base To store data, SaltOS uses SQL over MySQL, allowing its use in most GNU/Linux machines that include this SGDB existing widespread.
MariaDB Data Base SaltOS uses MariaDB as a replacement for MySQL. It offers an incredible speed of execution over MySQL: I highly recommend.
SQLite data base SaltOS recommended for most cases SQLite as support for SQL database and concurrency problem, it's solved using POSIX semaphores.

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