Installation Guide for installing SaltOS in a free Web Hosting Environment


Josep Sanz

The following explains how to install SaltOS quickly with a free web host:

  1. Access any of the following vendors (there are a lot of other sites with the same benefits, conditions and are still free)
    1. http://www.000webhost.com/
    2. http://www.nixiweb.com/
  2. Create a hosting (the first let you have a custom url, but the second does not, they propose other services that are also free)
  3. Access hosting control panel you've created before
  4. Download the nightly SaltOS (file .tgz)
  5. Rename it to .tar.gz in the computer where you download it
  6. Depending on the hosting and language, search through the control panel for the option:
    1. "1-Click Website Restore"
    2. "Importar Sitio"
    3. "Import website"
  7.  Wait while the file is uploaded to the server (this can be quite time consuming, depending on the bandwidth that you have available)
  8. Go to hosting website you have created in step 2 and voila :) the SaltOS installer is waiting to you.
  9. Press the Next button on all screens until SaltOS is fully installed.
Notes about the hostings:
  • The hostings list above are merely examples, I do not have any favorite among them.
  • SaltOS has been tested with these hosts (hence appearing here)
SaltOS installation notes:
  • If you want to use a different user name/password to admin/admin, you can modify it at step 3
  • If you want to load some example data, check the appropriate option in step 3
  • Street data can cause problems and may only contain the streets of Spain.

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